The website of the "Un moment à part" sophrology institute, whose website photography and art direction work were made by Pierrick Gaumé and the Mediapilote agency:


Pierrick Gaumé interview for Men's Passion Magazine (in English - Oct. 2016):


Pierrick Gaumé interview (in French) for Myphotomagazine, the magazine of the Myphotoagency website (May 4, 2015):

Facebook page:

Pierrick Gaumé's LinkedIn profile:

Pierrick Gaumé's Instagram profile:

Article in French about the show "Automorphoses, an exchange between Pierrick Gaumé & PEUGEOT" (France, 2013):
Gaumé's “Walking Towards the Cliff House" photo, as published by the Schmap website since 2011 :

Video interview of Pierrick Gaumé by Didier (Doc) Pilot for PARALLELE(S) MAGAZINE in 2010:


Article in English about Gaumé's "AUTOMORPHOSES at the AFSF" show (San Francisco, CA - 2010):


The “SF Cooper” Automorphoses as printed on the cover of Cimarron Review (USA) - Winter 2010:


Gaumé's "San Trancisco" painting on the cover of the "MacGuffin Literary Journal" (USA), that also included a centerfold feature about the artist - Fall 2008 :

Article in English about Gaumé's "Artificial Selves" exhibit (USA, 2009):